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Teaching you to think differently

Do you find that you are losing patients because they don’t continue treatment? Are you left wondering whether they chose to leave because they recovered? Or was it because you could have done better?

It is frustrating when you give your best but still lose patients to follow up.

Thinking Physio transforms the way clinicians work with their most challenging patients so that outcomes dramatically improve for both the patient and the clinician.

Why struggle when you can thrive?

If you are thinking about running a long term and sustainable business as a health professional, Annette’s book will give you the power to turbo charge your business.

Strategies, insights and ideas to motivate your patients and grow your business.

Useful strategies to engage difficult clients

Physiotherapy, or for that matter any Allied Health profession, is more than just treating the clinical condition and improving treatment techniques. Behaviour change in both the patient and the clinician plays a major role.


We show you how.

We provide evidenced based techniques that will help you handle your patients in the best possible way.

Assess your communication skills

There is a significant correlation between the clinician’s non verbal skills and patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction influences the viability of your business.


Test your communication skills in this 3-5’ Self Assessment. Find out your personal strengths and weaknesses.

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Survey your communication skills
Peace of Mind

Support, Training and Consulting


For opportunities to work through your personal challenges, Annette provides individual coaching sessions for you or the practice.

Inservice Training

Group training on topics that suit your practice challenges.  They are unique, educational and entertaining.


For those who prefer digital education products, we are moving towards providing online courses for clinicians.

My background...


As a sports physiotherapist with over 30 years of experience, Annette Tonkin understands the frustration of prematurely losing clients. When working with Olympic athletes and the Australian Women’s Basketball and Cricket teams, Annette was inspired to study the players and what truly motivated them to stick to their recovery programs. Recognising the power of ‘thinking’ Annette did further research and study into Neuro Linguistic Programming, the behavioural sciences and the nature of the human mind.

Annette’s thinking techniques put the ‘psycho’ into the biopsychosocial model, making effective consultations easier for clinicians.

By changing the thinking of the clinician, consultations become more powerful and begin to facilitate change in the patient’s own thinking. In turn, producing better clinical outcomes, better client satisfaction, better retention and better business results.

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