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As a physiotherapist or a medical/allied health consultant, you are the catalyst. The patient comes to you for a cure. They seek your help to alleviate their pain.

You give your best to the client. You are interested in their care because you want them to overcome their problem. You treat them for a few sessions; sometimes you see quick improvements, other times it takes longer, more involved care.

However, somewhere along the way, you find that some of these patients are becoming non-complaint. They reschedule too many times, they cancel often, your receptionist has to remind them of appointment several times and even then they may not show up. They don’t really seem to be invested in their own care. It is worrying and frustrating.

As a clinician you wonder what happened. Are your patients just not interested? Have they found your care wanting and gone elsewhere? Or were they cured and so just happily vanished?

Either way, you need an answer. Patients lost to follow up are a mystery to most clinicians. As a sports physiotherapist with over 30 years of practice experience, I get it.

When I was working with the Olympic athletes and the Australian Women’s Basketball and Cricket teams, I studied the players and what motivated them to stick to their recovery process. I also began to do a lot of research and study into Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), behavioural sciences and the nature of the human mind.

Over the years I have come up with a unique results-oriented approach that relies on the consultant or clinician thinking differently. It is an approach which has seen considerable success over the years and I am now reaching out to teach these proven techniques to other consultants in clinical practice.

Check out below to get an indication of how many different ways there are of reaching out to your patients and retaining them as long term clients.

Or just give me a call on +61 417 817 388 and let’s have a chat.

01. In service Workshops

One of my clients remarked that ‘I wish I had participated in one of Annette’s individual workshops 20 years ago!” We run these workshops either as a one-off long session or a number of shorter sessions.

The in-service workshops are conducted at your premises which includes group facilitation and presentations. With rapport building and the ability to communicate at all levels, these workshops are fun, results-oriented and engaging.

03. Full day Training

Full day training options for staff. It’s as simple as booking me in to come and run a full day or half day workshop at your premises. This is an interactive hands-on workshop where you and your staff will understand the various strategies and pathways to getting and retaining your clients.

02. Mentoring

There are times when you feel like you need some hand-holding. I completely understand how overwhelmed you are just running all the facets of your own practice. You are passionate about your work and want to foster a positive relationship with your patients.

Through these mentoring sessions, I take you through a number of strategies to help you engage with challenging clients. These sessions will allow you to get a grip not only on your client relationships but also on your business as a whole.

04. No obligation Initial consultation

When you know you have a problem but are not quite sure where and how you need help, it is a good idea to have a chat and dig a bit deeper. I am always up for a coffee and interested in listening.

I understand that sometimes you may just need some clarity and that is all it takes to clear the confusion. Other times, you may find that a little bit of help might go a long way. Either way, I am very happy to offer a no-obligation consultation either in person or via Skype/Zoom. Just give me a call.



Clinicians work with me to give them the skills to better manage their more challenging clients

Business owners bring me in to up skill their staff on communication and motivational strategies to build lasting relationships with clients, achieve better treatment outcomes and decrease staff frustration





A 30-year background in physiotherapy where I’ve worked and toured with international sporting teams but also managed some of the most unmotivated people presenting for treatment

An understanding of how many of the principles of Neruo Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Motivational Interviewing can be implemented by the allied health clinician to significantly improve recovery outcomes



As a mentor and trainer, when I talk to clinicians, this is what I hear:

“How do I engage patients who look like they don’t want to be here?”
“How do I get my patients to take my advice?”
“I’m sick of treating patients who are not accountable”
“How can I get my patients to come in for treatment?”
“I get so frustrated listening to excuses. What can I do to change my patient?”


Our aim is to help clinicians manage their more challenging clients gain better treatment outcomes, increase profit margins of the practice and open practices to a growing market in managing chronic injuries or health conditions.

There is a significant correlation between the clinician’s non verbal skills and patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction influences the viability of your business.

Health Clinician’s Mentor and Trainer



Personalised coaching for you

Inservice Workshops

In-service workshops and professional development.

Speaking, presenting, facilitating

Practical applications provided during each session


Let us inject some communication expertise

Let’s explore new insights to see tangible outcomes.

Video Testimonials

Anthony Hirst

A testimonial provided by Anthony Hirst following an inservice training at his Clinic- Beleura Health Solutions

Lisa Wilson

A testimonial given by Lisa Wilson after providing an inservice training at here clinic- Beleura Health Solutions

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Onsite Training & Workshops 100%
Seminar & Conference Presentations 96%
Motivational tools to eliminate clinician frustration 97%
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