Improve Patient Retention Numbers



To provide clinicians, especially those at the beginning of their career with the tools to build relationships with a wide range of patients. And to build confidence in managing anxiety that often presents in stressful situations with patients

You can only help people when they like and trust you enough to want to come back and see you.

Building lasting relationships is the foundation for career growth.

For the attendee:

  • Increase work satisfaction as patients come back for more treatment
  • Increased learning as patients come back in for more treatment and they can see the effect of their treatment
  • Decrease in anxiety especially when dealing with difficult patients
  • Increased confidence in communicating with patients, peers and employers

For the business owner:

  • Increase the retention rate of new patients seen by new grads or those early in their career. Better value for money spent on marketing for new patients
  • Improve treatment/patient ratio- increased income for the practice and clinician
  • Decrease the loss of staff through a loss of work satisfaction which comes from not being able to engage a range of patients and getting frustrated by the lack of compliance

Learning Outcomes:

  • Have tools for impactful conversations
  • Know how to build trust quickly
  • Build lasting relationships with all your clients
  • Be able to engage even the most challenging client
  • Have useful tools to manage anxiety

This course covers:

  • Building rapport and empathy with different personality types
  • Managing anxiety
  • Feeling confident to offer treatment plans that will help their patients
  • Tools to engage patients in their treatment plans

By the end of this course you will:

  • Feel confident in communicating with all your clients, peers and employers
  • Retain more clients after their initial consultation
  • Enjoy your time with your client
  • Help your client see the value in what you have to offer
  • Decreased anxiety when seeing new clients

This course aims to solve the problems of a lack of confidence, losing new patients, poor treatment plan engagement and anxiety adversely affecting pt/clinician confidence.

Who is this course for?

This course will be of particular benefit to those clinicians in their first 5 years in the work force. It will also help those clinicians where English is their second language.

If you or your staff struggle with confidence or a degree of anxiety when first seeing new patients, this course will help build confidence and manage anxiety.

About Your Facilitator, Annette Tonkin

Annette Tonkin is one of the few physiotherapists who also have a background in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clean Language, Coaching and Motivational Interviewing.

Having worked with both elite athletes and in private practice over a 30 year period, Annette has a wide range of clinical experience to draw from which makes her training relevant to those she is working with.

Annette has presented for the APA at both State level and at Conferences. She has run successful trainings in allied health clinics in every state except Tasmania.

Video Testimonials

Anthony Hirst

A testimonial provided by Anthony Hirst following an inservice training at his Clinic- Beleura Health Solutions

Lisa Wilson

A testimonial given by Lisa Wilson after providing an inservice training at here clinic- Beleura Health Solutions

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