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If you’re one of the many allied health clinics experiencing a drop in patient bookings and staff morale, growing your practice back to the healthy turnover pre-pandemic is likely to be top priority.

If you’ve tried strategies such as increasing advertising, mailouts, newsletters and meeting with doctors, you’d likely have discovered that all of this has little impact on your clinic’s ability to increase client retention. You may get new clients but they don’t stay with your practice.

While your staff lack the confidence or skills to engage patients into effective treatment plans, you’re stuck dealing with visits on an as needs basis determined by the patient and not the clinician.

Whereas, training your team on effective communication strategies help you to:

      • Gain and retain new clients.
      • Improve treatment per patient ratio (from a standard of 3/client up to 7-10/client).
      •  Improve clinician confidence to better manage challenging clients.
      •  Build staff communication & decrease staff frustration.
      • Achieve better treatment outcomes.
      • Enhance patient experience.

In-House Training Customised to Your Clinic

Thinking Physio provides in-house training that specifically targets your team and organisation needs.
Benefits of In-House Training

Comprehensive & Customised 




Team Building

Training provided is specific to your clinic and addresses your priority challenges so that you get the solution you need.

We host the training at your premises and at a time that is convenient for your staff so that you have the entire team attend

Training the entire team together is much more cost effective than investing in individual programs that may have varying methods and results in disconnect between team members.

When your entire team attends it benefits your business through consistency in how both your admin and clinical staff communicates with clients and in the treatments recommended to them.

When we engage your entire team, it improves camaraderie and problem solving within the members. It encourages peer support through the learning process.

We are committed to providing quality services with tangible results.

Why In-House Training Is Important Now.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unique circumstances where your clients are more likely than ever to present with a mix of psychological and physical problems.

Giving your team the skills to effectively deal with the increased influence of psychosocial aspects of consulting,  goes a long way in alleviating fears or apprehensions that your clients may be facing post the pandemic.

Our training workshops can be an opportunity to move towards a more biopsychosocial model of client care. It is also a great way to provide hope and inspiration to your staff who may be struggling with burnout and worries as we come out of the impact of Covid.

Choose your method of in-service training

We are committed to offering business owners and clinicians the strategies and tools to enhance and build a successful practice. Contact us to discuss the training needs of your clinic today.

A short training session of 90’ to 2 hours

One or two-day trainings

Our popular 7-session package delivered over the course of 6-8 months​

One on one coaching​

You choose a topic you want to be delivered to solve a specific problem.

We take the content from one of our popular 4-week Zoom trainings and present it over one to two days.

Alternatively, we can work together to achieve specific training objectives that you want for your staff.

This involves five 90’ in-person sessions with your group and two 60’ Q&A Zoom sessions. You choose the time and dates that suit your practice.

This has been a very popular choice by clinic owners as it allows for practice following each session. Staff are encouraged to support each other in the implementation of new communication skills.

Any challenges can be reviewed and addressed in the upcoming session.

Coaching is for any staff member who is keen to improve their ability to successfully engage with clients or staff under challenging conditions.

Individual coaching is also a great option for clinically competent clinicians but who struggle with engaging clients in practice protocols including treatment plans.

Annette Tonkin


I am an experienced educator with 8 years of undergraduate teaching at the University of South Australia and have over 25 years of experience working as a clinic owner, managing admin and clinical staff. I deliver Motivational Interviewing and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) concepts from the perspective of a physiotherapist and not a psychologist. Leveraging my knowledge and experience in the field, I have designed a results-oriented approach that has shown considerable success. I aim to reach out and teach these proven techniques to other consultants in clinical practices.


My mission is to enable clinic owners to engage and thrive when their clinical world is full of complexity and resistance.

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