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Peace of Mind

 Support, Training and Consulting


If you would like the opportunity to work through your personal challenges then individual coaching with Annette Tonkin is for you.

Annette provides a mutually agreed on block of coaching sessions where the first is a free discovery session. The aim in this session is to clarify the issues you want help with so that the next 6 sessions can be tailored to achieve the outcomes you want.

In-service Workshops

Annette is noted for her personalised approach with plenty of practical application provided during each session.

Work with Thinking Physio and Annette to inject some communication expertise into your business and bring a new dimension to key issues within your practice.


We are currently turning some of our most popular in-service training into short courses. The aim is to have short one hour courses with short modules that can be easily consumed.

If you join our community, you will be kept up to date with any new releases.

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The coaching package will involve:

One on one sessions via Skype or Zoom. Internet connection is required for video

  • Training exercises
  • Review of exercises
  • Email contact
  • Resources

If you are the clinician, coach or trainer who wants to rapidly learn the communication skills to deal with every client that you see and not just the easy ones, then personal coaching is for you.

It will be intense but you will come out of the experience as a practitioner who can work with the mind and the body with the aim of achieving outstanding outcomes.

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Outstanding Outcomes

Outstanding Outcomes, Private Practice, Mentoring and New Strategies

Coaching & Training

Because Annette was a clinician for over 30 years and has owned and operated private practices she has experienced the same challenges you go through. Having a physiotherapist who is trained in NLP and other behavioural techniques is a rarity and enables her to provides a unique service.

Outstanding Outcomes

The simple psychological strategies that you learn are put into the context of a physiotherapist. This makes her training and coaching relatable and practical.

Our Clients

Speaking, Presenting, Facilitating

The topics we currently offer are:
  • Adapting your consulting style to influence compliance, rapport and treatment outcomes
  • Tools to elicit your patient’s WHY
  • The art of framing for compliance
  • 10 things about rapport you might not know about that impact patient relationships
  • Recognising the Nocebo Effect and how to manage it
Online Courses:

  • Styles of Consulting- free course
  • Tips to engage the depressed client- free course
  • How to increase patient compliance and decrease your frustration – $98
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