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I recently had the pleasure of meeting and working with Annette Tonkin. As an owner of a group of practices in Physiotherapy, my partner and I are constantly looking for ways to improve customer service, clinical outcomes and our clinics success. I wish I had of participated in one of Annette’s workshops 20 years ago! I was delighted with her 3-hour presentation to our 25+ practitioners in our group! Just magic stuff! For anyone working in private practice her seminars are a must! Annette is an asset to our profession! Contact her and you won’t be disappointed.
Antony HirstPhysiotherapy Director
Annette’s information is interesting, innovative and highly useful to the Physiotherapy profession, I learned many useful skills to use with my patients to help them achieve better goals in their rehabilitation. Her coaching style is friendly and professional, she has a wealth of knowledge that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere and she is able to help in many areas of clinical practice.
AndrewPerth Physiotherapist
Our paths first crossed in the early 1980s when we were both clinical physiotherapists and postgraduate students. In the early years of her development, Ms Tonkin was regarded highly for her clinical skills and performance as a postgraduate student. Since, Ms Tonkin has gone on and become an internationally recognised authority in the multifaceted topic of language in health-care. Not surprisingly, there was no hesitation inviting Ms Tonkin to present in the plenary sessions and workshops at the Watson Headache® Institute’s inaugural national symposium in Sydney in 2016; the feedback was such that Ms Tonkin was invited and presented again in 2017, both as a platform, workshop and pre symposium course presenter. On both occasions, Ms Tonkin met deadlines required of the organisers.  Her presentations were of the highest standard, relevant and thought provoking with discussion going on into the refreshment breaks and the evening.  Ms Tonkin’s presentations were stimulating and received enthusiastically.  Despite the provocative (i.e. challenging established thinking) nature of the workshops, participants expressed their appreciation for Ms Tonkin’s collaborative, inclusive and unassuming style as they were presented with new perspectives. Ms Tonkin’s area of expertise is undoubtedly neglected.  Ms Tonkin’s unrivalled clinical experience, subsequent relevant (language) post-graduate studies amply qualifies her to present on this chasm in the health professions.  Her professional, down-to-earth manner creates a strong learning environment, as Ms Tonkin questions participants’ language-use in a non-threatening style.
Dr Dean H Watson, PhDDirector, Watson Headache® Institute
As a student, I was told the importance of communication with patients, but I was never really taught at Uni how to communicate. Not only did Annette consolidate the importance of communication, but she also taught us strategies we could implement immediately into our conversations with our patients. I had an acute placement soon after the lecture and I was able to apply the strategy of giving direct instructions because, in an acute scenario, patients can deteriorate quite quickly and so the treatment needs to be immediate. I also learned how this strategy wouldn’t work in a different cohort of patients – for example, patients with osteoarthritis awaiting surgery. With these patients, behaviour change plays a major role and behaviour change cannot be achieved through direct instruction.
Basant ChanaUniversity of Sydney, new graduate
Having been in the physiotherapy profession for many years, it never ceases to amaze me how the path to becoming great therapists is a never-ending learning process. Continuing education has evolved to be so much more than courses on clinical conditions and treatment techniques. While we know the client will benefit from our applied knowledge, experience shows us we are often unsuccessful in gaining the long-term results for which we strive. We need to have a much broader awareness of cognitive behaviour, personalities and understanding of the individual. Annette Tonkin provided our team with valuable information enhancing our awareness of the influence language and consulting styles can enhance or diminish our results. Her excellent presentation gave our staff both knowledge and tools to immediately apply in the clinical setting. All therapists need to develop and continue to improve their relationship skills and I thoroughly recommend Annette’s input to all health professionals striving to improve
Max KavanaghDirector, Back In Motion Brighton
We recently attended Annette’s course and learnt about some useful strategies to engage clients who find the perennial reasons to not comply with therapy or exercises. It was something I wish I’d learnt years ago. Realising that it isn’t my job to cajole a client but rather to help facilitate understanding the impediments to keeping up with a program was valuable. I know my team @ Back In Motion Woodville felt the same.
Steve RoddaPhysiotherapist - Back In Motion
Annette has extensive professional knowledge and expertise that extends beyond sports physiotherapy. Her passion has always been to apply a broad range of initiatives and also maintain a level of comprehension on the most up to date research in the area of rehabilitation. She applies and retains a caring approach best described as superior to any other allied health care professional I have ever known.
Jan StirlingOlympic Coach Women’s Basketball 2004, 2008 & 2012
Annette has been the greatest mentor I could have ever wished for. I am still in awe of the generosity & selflessness I received from her to this day. I have had the opportunity to mentor others since however it will be a long time before I am ever going to be able to match the level of knowledge & experience she gave me.
Liam MuldoonDirector, Life FORCE Strength and Fitness Training
Being a pelvic floor physiotherapist, building rapport, creating an open and safe environment, as well as ensuring great communication are all essential to ensure the best rehabilitation process. Annette provided wonderful advice to further develop these skills and great guidance on how to approach difficult topics. Will be recommending her service and mentorship to others in this area!
Jemma WilliamsPelvic Floor Physiotherapist
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