Unlocking the Heart Sink Puzzle: Navigating the Complex Relationship Between Physiotherapists and Challenging Patients

Introduction: The concept of a ‘heart sink’ patient and a ‘heart sink’ physiotherapist, as described in Alastair Santhouse’s book “Head First,” sheds light on the challenging dynamics that can occur between healthcare providers and patients. This term captures the...

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The Biggest Mistake In Goal Setting: Stop Trying To Control The Outcome

In this article I will be looking at one of the commonest and often the biggest mistake both clinicians and patients make when goal setting. And that is, trying to control the outcome or result. During my career as...

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An Important Lesson Managing A Withdrawn Patient. Case Study #1

Working with very withdrawn or reserved patients can be challenging for both parties. You may feel frustrated that you are unable to get relevant and helpful information from this type of patient. Case Study #1 Early in my career...

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