Enhancing Client Engagement: Navigating the Next Steps in Physiotherapy

In the world of healthcare, particularly in the realm of physiotherapy, successful client engagement goes beyond the walls of the clinic. It extends into the daily lives of clients, where they must actively participate in their treatment plan. David...

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You’re Not In The Business Of Convincing Clients What To Do

Have you ever wondered why your clients don’t engage in your well informed health instructions? The simple reason is that we make big decisions in our lives first based on emotion. Then we back up that decision with logic....

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How Challenging Distorted Thinking Can Help With Patient Motivation

To help your patient break through resistance to exercise you will need to notice and reverse unproductive distorted thinking. We spend a large part of our lives distorting information. We do this to create a thinking process that suits...

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Questions, Questions: Getting The Most From Your Patients

During your training you learned the importance of gathering information from patients in order to help them. You were probably taught to work with a list of standard questions. Here are a few questions for you: When you consult...

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