The Change Begins With You


We can’t control what others do, but we can control our own actions.

When you do something differently, there is every chance that the person you are communicating with will respond differently.

This FREE E-BOOK explores this topic and more, including:

1. Introduction
– Who is Annette Tonkin and how she came to write this eBook

2. Beliefs – Mindset and Recovery
– Beliefs and biology
– How mind maps determine treatment outcomes
– Does pessimism influence treatment outcomes?
– Nocebo and it’s relevance to health practitioners and tools to deal with it

3. Giving advice doesn’t work in the management of chronic conditions
– A review of a client who seemed to lack motivation
– What can you do to engage your clients in following your advice

4. Therapeutic communication skills to deal with a lack of motivation
– Framing
– What happens when you tell a patient “This is going to hurt”
– Are your questions worth asking?
– Instant influence questions
– Dealing with negative self-talk

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