Individuals have the ability to impact and inspire those around them. And of course, businesses that are made up of such individuals have the ability to impact and inspire on an international level.

Here we like to talk about the fact that we get up every morning to transform the way health clinicians work with even their most challenging clients so that outcomes are dramatically improved for everyone involved.

We’re impacting clinician’s lives and, of course, the lives of those with whom they work. And then there’s a huge ‘ripple effect’ not only on their patients’ lives but on those connected to them.

You can see more below about what people are saying about our services.

As important as the feedback AND the impact we’re having on our clients and their clients, we feel there’s something else important too.

And that’s our ability to impact the world at large.

We do this through our partnership with the ground-breaking business giving organisation Buy1Give1 or B1G1.

We have linked our services with high-impact projects around the world. Of particular interest to Mind and Body Consultancy is:

  • Improving health and education in Cambodia
  • Supporting anti-trafficing organisations to prevent the trafficing and abuse of young girls and women
  • Providing refuge and care for injured animals in Australia through Edgar’s Mission

It gives us great pleasure to know that businesses such as ours can have a positive impact on a global level.

You can see below how by doing business with us has enabled you to be part of life-changing health and education in regions around the world that would otherwise struggle to provide such services.

We’re thrilled to have you experience that with us. THANK YOU!

Success Stories

Excellent clinically-relevant session.
Tim SchacklefordPhysiotherapist at Back In Motion Campbelltown SA
I can take away a number of new skills and use in my practice as a physio.
Xavier HoganPhysiotherapist ACH Group Adelaide
The prac session at the end was great & really made me re-think my communication style. Thanks!
Andrea DieudonnePhysiotherapist Adelaide
Eye-opening information about connecting with people= useful practical activities.
Megan JonesPhysiotherapist Adelaide

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