Simple Linguistic Tools for Physiotherapists

The Power of Language in Physiotherapy: Enhancing Treatment Engagement with Simple Linguistic Tools

Introduction As physiotherapists, our ability to effectively communicate with our clients can make all the difference in ensuring successful treatment outcomes. Last week, I had the opportunity to conduct a communication skills workshop for undergraduates in South Australia, where...

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The Habit Factor: Why Clinicians Must Consider Patient Behaviours for Effective Treatment

Introduction When it comes to treating patients, it’s easy to assume that providing them with information and advice is enough to help them achieve their goals. But the truth is, success often comes down to something much simpler: habits....

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The Psychology of Reactance in Physiotherapy: Understanding Patients’ Resistance to Treatment

  During the process of engaging patients who struggle with adherence in relation to behaviour change, I suggested in my last newsletter that clinicians should take the following factors into account: Styles of consulting Psychological reactance The influence of...

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7 Steps To Prepare For Any Difficult Conversation

Commonly people go into important conversations without ever clarifying the outcome they want. They have no ‘compelling future’ to communicate to the listener. Without having a clear outcome it will be difficult to recognise opportunities in any conversation. In...

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How To Manage Pessimistic Patients

We all see and remember things differently. This difference has the potential to lead to frustration especially if your patient is a natural pessimist and you’re focused on what to do to help them. So what can you do...

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Helpful Questions To Engage Patient Motivation

How often do you find out why your patient might want to recover from or better manage an injury or illness? And I mean the real WHY behind their motivation. In this article I will provide some helpful questions...

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The Biggest Mistake In Goal Setting: Stop Trying To Control The Outcome

In this article I will be looking at one of the commonest and often the biggest mistake both clinicians and patients make when goal setting. And that is, trying to control the outcome or result. During my career as...

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