Envision to Achieve: The Power of Visualisation in Physiotherapy Outcomes

Visual imagery is a powerful tool in enhancing the effectiveness of physiotherapy treatments.  The quote from W. Timothy Gallwey’s “The Inner Game of Tennis,” “To Self 2, a picture is worth a thousand words,” eloquently encapsulates the importance of...

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The Art of Negotiation in Physiotherapy: A Guide to Engaging Resistant Client

As physiotherapists, we are often confronted with the challenge of working with resistant clients. Rehabilitation can be a physically and emotionally taxing journey for both the clinician and the client. Striving for the best outcomes makes effective negotiation essential....

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Bridging the Gap: Treatment Plan Engagement vs. Treatment Plan Execution in Healthcare Management

Introduction The field of physiotherapy plays a vital role in improving the quality of life for individuals living with chronic conditions. These conditions often require long-term management and care, making the collaboration between physiotherapists and patients crucial. In the...

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Unlocking the Heart Sink Puzzle: Navigating the Complex Relationship Between Physiotherapists and Challenging Patients

Introduction: The concept of a ‘heart sink’ patient and a ‘heart sink’ physiotherapist, as described in Alastair Santhouse’s book “Head First,” sheds light on the challenging dynamics that can occur between healthcare providers and patients. This term captures the...

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Building Rapport in the First Consultation: The Art of Connection

  Introduction Building rapport is a vital aspect of establishing a strong therapeutic relationship with patients. In the first consultation, practitioners have a unique opportunity to create a foundation of trust and understanding. This blog will delve into thirteen...

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“No” Is Not A Failure

You’ve completed what you think is the hard work by assessing and diagnosing the problem your patient has presented with. You’ve listened to what they want to achieve by coming to see you and created a treatment plan that...

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