Unlocking Empathy: A Guide to Emotional Intelligence for Physiotherapists

As healthcare professionals, particularly physiotherapists, your role in client care extends beyond physical treatment. Building strong and lasting relationships with clients is essential, especially when dealing with long-term management and care. To excel in this aspect of your practice,...

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Building Rapport in the First Consultation: The Art of Connection

  Introduction Building rapport is a vital aspect of establishing a strong therapeutic relationship with patients. In the first consultation, practitioners have a unique opportunity to create a foundation of trust and understanding. This blog will delve into thirteen...

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Why Is Empathy More Important Than Being In Rapport?

Why is empathy is more than being in rapport? Empathy is easily confused with sympathy, giving advice, and judgement disguised as concerned. As clinicians we naturally want to fix people’s problems and give advice, but empathy is about being...

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