Unlocking the Heart Sink Puzzle: Navigating the Complex Relationship Between Physiotherapists and Challenging Patients

Introduction: The concept of a ‘heart sink’ patient and a ‘heart sink’ physiotherapist, as described in Alastair Santhouse’s book “Head First,” sheds light on the challenging dynamics that can occur between healthcare providers and patients. This term captures the...

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Managing Emotionally Charged Patients: The Power of Labels in Physiotherapy

As a physiotherapist managing a highly emotional patient, it’s important to understand that humans are naturally inclined to think negatively, especially if they are upset for any reason. Research conducted by the National Science Foundation in 2012 revealed that...

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The Habit Factor: Why Clinicians Must Consider Patient Behaviours for Effective Treatment

Introduction When it comes to treating patients, it’s easy to assume that providing them with information and advice is enough to help them achieve their goals. But the truth is, success often comes down to something much simpler: habits....

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The Psychology of Reactance in Physiotherapy: Understanding Patients’ Resistance to Treatment

  During the process of engaging patients who struggle with adherence in relation to behaviour change, I suggested in my last newsletter that clinicians should take the following factors into account: Styles of consulting Psychological reactance The influence of...

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Exploring the Three Key Styles of Consulting Utilised by Physiotherapists

Patients’ lack of treatment plan implementation is often not due to a lack of information. So who needs to make the adjustments when adherence is not working? Clinical practitioners often assume that patients who attend physiotherapy are motivated to...

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Building Rapport in the First Consultation: The Art of Connection

  Introduction Building rapport is a vital aspect of establishing a strong therapeutic relationship with patients. In the first consultation, practitioners have a unique opportunity to create a foundation of trust and understanding. This blog will delve into thirteen...

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