Taming the Advice Monster: A New Approach to Physiotherapy for Chronic Conditions

Michael Bungay Stanier, a renowned coach and author, emphasises the importance of taming one’s ‘advice monster,’ particularly in fields like healthcare where clear communication and client engagement are vital.  The ‘advice monster’ is the tendency to jump in with...

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Mastering the Art of Concise Inquiry in Clinical Practice

In the world of healthcare, particularly in physiotherapy, the initial consultation plays a pivotal role in understanding a patient’s condition. However, this process often subjects patients to a barrage of questions, leading to what is known as ‘question fatigue’. ...

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The Importance of Tone in Patient Communication/ A Guide for Clinicians

Communication in healthcare goes beyond just the words we speak. As healthcare professionals, your tone of voice plays a pivotal role in how your message is received by patients. The right tone can make a patient feel safe and...

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Conversations That Heal: Leveraging Self-Motivation in Physiotherapy

Though William Miller is a psychologist, his work with Stephen Rollnick on Motivational Interviewing (MI) has extended far beyond the confines of my original field.  I’d like to share some insights from his book “Motivational Interviewing” that I believe...

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The Value-Driven ‘Why’: Understanding the Core of Patient Motivation in Healthcare

Introduction: The Essence of the ‘Why’ In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, where treatments and technologies advance rapidly, the constant and pivotal element remains the patient’s ‘Why’. This ‘Why’, as emphasised by Simon Sinek, is deeply rooted in the...

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The Language of Change: From ‘Obstacles’ to ‘Friction’ in Rehabilitation Conversations

Introduction: The Power of Words in Therapeutic Dialogues Language is the medium through which we express our thoughts, convey our intentions, and foster change. In therapeutic settings, especially within the realm of physiotherapy, the words we choose can either...

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Enhancing Client Engagement: Navigating the Next Steps in Physiotherapy

In the world of healthcare, particularly in the realm of physiotherapy, successful client engagement goes beyond the walls of the clinic. It extends into the daily lives of clients, where they must actively participate in their treatment plan. David...

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Unlocking Empathy: A Guide to Emotional Intelligence for Physiotherapists

As healthcare professionals, particularly physiotherapists, your role in client care extends beyond physical treatment. Building strong and lasting relationships with clients is essential, especially when dealing with long-term management and care. To excel in this aspect of your practice,...

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Navigating Healthcare Communication: The Impact of Expectations and Responsibility

Introduction In the dynamic world of healthcare, you can be a great clinician but if you can’t communicate effectively you will never get great client outcomes. Read on to learn the art of skilful clinical communication! Great communication skills...

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