The Art of Negotiation in Client-Centred Care: A Guide for Physiotherapists

Negotiation is a concept often misunderstood as mere bargaining, especially when we think of haggling over prices in a marketplace. However, this interpretation barely scratches the surface of what negotiation truly entails.  In the realm of healthcare, particularly in...

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The Value-Driven ‘Why’: Understanding the Core of Patient Motivation in Healthcare

Introduction: The Essence of the ‘Why’ In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, where treatments and technologies advance rapidly, the constant and pivotal element remains the patient’s ‘Why’. This ‘Why’, as emphasised by Simon Sinek, is deeply rooted in the...

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Envision to Achieve: The Power of Visualisation in Physiotherapy Outcomes

Visual imagery is a powerful tool in enhancing the effectiveness of physiotherapy treatments.  The quote from W. Timothy Gallwey’s “The Inner Game of Tennis,” “To Self 2, a picture is worth a thousand words,” eloquently encapsulates the importance of...

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The Art of Negotiation in Physiotherapy: A Guide to Engaging Resistant Client

As physiotherapists, we are often confronted with the challenge of working with resistant clients. Rehabilitation can be a physically and emotionally taxing journey for both the clinician and the client. Striving for the best outcomes makes effective negotiation essential....

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Unlocking Client Motivation: A Guide for Physiotherapists in Shifting from DARN to CATs Language

In the world of physiotherapy, effective communication is the bedrock of successful rehabilitation. Understanding the nuances of patient language can be a game-changer. In my previous article, I explored DARN language (Desire, Ability, Reasons, and Needs) and how it...

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From DARN to CATs: Bridging the Gap in Patient Motivation in Physiotherapy

In the world of physiotherapy, effective communication and patient engagement play pivotal roles in successful rehabilitation.  In this article I plan to briefly explore Miller & Rollnick’s the acronym, DARN CATs which they refer to in their book, ‘Motivational...

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How To Manage Pessimistic Patients

We all see and remember things differently. This difference has the potential to lead to frustration especially if your patient is a natural pessimist and you’re focused on what to do to help them. So what can you do...

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Helpful Questions To Engage Patient Motivation

How often do you find out why your patient might want to recover from or better manage an injury or illness? And I mean the real WHY behind their motivation. In this article I will provide some helpful questions...

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